Asset tokenization

Drive new investment opportunities in existing and new asset types and directly transfer value between peers, while driving greater efficiencies, transparency and security.

Diversify your asset universe and increase transparency with tokenization

Tokenization can rewrite today’s financial market infrastructure by enabling value, information and assets to be transferred seamlessly across a connected global infrastructure.

Broader investor base
Fractionalized assets allow investors to diversify their portfolio with assets they could not previously access. If liquidity is created, it can unlock additional capital for investors.

Programmable money and assets
Smart contract technology on blockchain enables real world assets to be programmed based on predetermined logic, ensuring transparency, security and immutability. 

Tokens can be designed to comply with specific standards, making it easier for them to be integrated into various blockchain platforms, wallets, and exchanges.

Efficiency and speed
Digital tokens streamline the issuance, trading, and settlement of assets. This significantly reduces the time and administrative overhead associated with traditional asset transfers.

Discover innovations already underway that showcase real-world applications of tokenization

Digital Vault and tokenizing gold on Corda

HSBC is the first commercial bank to unveil a platform that uses DLT to tokenize the ownership of institutional clients’ physical gold held in the bank’s London vault.

HSBC is currently using Corda for Digital Vault, HSBC’s custody blockchain platform. This enables global custody clients to access details of their private assets directly and in real-time instead of having to request a search of paper-based records

HSBC becomes first bank in the world to offer tokenized gold

Investing in and financing sustainable assets on Corda

Sustainable assets can be financed, tokenized and individually allocated with Greenium. Leasing companies contribute ‘Lease Objects’ that are tokenized into a unique Basis Token and bundled to create Greenium Tokens, representing a share within a securitization fund and triggering a financing need.

Platform for financing and investing in sustainable assets

Democratizing physical gold ownership digitally

Acquiring and selling physical gold has been traditionally cumbersome and risky with opaque and expensive pricing. Gilded is a physical gold storage solution that enables clients to access the physical gold asset class without the drawbacks of ETF’s, futures, stablecoins and other paper gold instruments.

Startups accelerating digitization on Corda

Digitalizing precious metals with Corda

The aXedras™ Bullion Integrity Ledger™ digitalizes the precious metal value chain all the way from miner to investor—boosting provenance tracking, regulatory compliance and product integrity while reducing transaction times, manual processes and reconciliation.

The distributed industry platform for precious metals

FCA-regulated global digital securities exchange

Archax is the first FCA-regulated global digital asset exchange for institutions, enabling the trading of tokenized securities and other assets. It uses Corda to remove frictions and streamline the current post-trade space, improving efficiencies and reducing costs.

Institutional digital asset exchange Archax selects R3’s Corda

Why capital markets leaders are turning to Corda for asset tokenization

Designed for regulated markets, Corda is the ideal permissioned, secure and scalable asset tokenization platform. It enables users to define, issue, burn, split, merge and transfer ownership of blockchain-and asset-based tokens across parties.

Frictionless exchange of assets

Enable the negotiation, creation and seamless exchange of tokenized assets among counterparties.

Model digital assets across the lifecycle

Develop solutions powered by the ideal blockchain for regulated, institutional grade digital asset issuance, trading and settlement.

Automate business logic

Streamline inter-firm automation across a business network and orchestrate complex multi-party workflows with resilience.

Represent multiple digital assets

Dematerialize, fractionalize and democratize a range of asset types.

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