Accelerated settlement

Faster settlement, while reducing risks and costs.

Journey to faster post-trade settlement

Today, a trade takes two days for assets and cash to change hands, but in May 2024 the securities settlement cycle goes from two days post trade (T+2) to one day (T+1) in the U.S. Real-time settlement enabled by blockchain reduces the need to spread reserves across multiple exchanges—optimizing capital and reducing costs and risks. 

Reduce risk
Shortening settlement windows reduces counterparty, operational and market risk.

Settle instantaneously
Leverage digitalization and modernized systems to enable atomic settlement, 24/7 operations, and continuous trading of assets.

Increase liquidity
Reduced risk enables lower margin requirements and the release of greater capital.

Meet capital and liquidity needs
Move digital currencies and assets directly between entities and across borders.

Discover innovations already underway that showcase real-world applications of accelerated settlement

FINMA regulated digital asset exchange platform

SDX is a fully integrated issuance, trading, settlement, and custody infrastructure for digital assets, regulated by FINMA. With Corda, SDX integrates digital asset trading, settlement, and custody on a secure, simple and instantaneous infrastructure.

SDX is now live with the world’s first bond issuance using a pure digital part in a fully regulated environment. It is also the first to deliver a single seamless workflow from execution to atomic settlement on ledger.

SIX Digital Exchange goes live on R3’s Corda

Digitalization strategy with Corda

DTCC has created an environment to demonstrate what’s possible with emerging technologies in finance. DTCC is currently working on a project to modernize and redesign its current netting and settlement processes using R3’s Corda platform.

Innovation and transformation in securities settlement

How a digital asset exchange can co-exist with a traditional stock exchange

An existing stock exchange can segue post-trade infrastructure into existing infrastructure. It can both future proof their ability to expand assets that they trade, gain access to new audiences, as well as reverse that technology into existing legacy infrastructure.

Customer story
Leverage DLT to facilitate a transformation of post-trade lifecycle to reduce time to settlement, reconciliation, and risk

Digital Central Securities Depository (CSD) platform

Equity markets around the world are demanding faster clearing and settlement services. To meet this growing demand and reduce counterparty, credit and default risk, Euroclear has developed a Digital CSD platform that can hold registry for, custody and settle a broader spectrum of institutional grade digital assets alongside traditional assets with the potential to enable T+0 atomic settlement.

Digital CSD platform

Why capital markets leaders are turning to Corda for accelerated settlement

Designed specifically for regulated markets, Corda provides a proven, secure, and scalable DLT platform to increase the speed of settlement.

Efficient workflows

Leverage efficient matching and settlement workflows to reduce breaks and reconciliations, as well as counterparty and operational risk.

Single source of truth

See an asset’s journey from one custodian to the next, with every debit and credit recorded as an immutable entry.

Atomic and instantaneous settlement

DvP can mitigate settlement and replacement cost risk.

Shorten settlement cycles

Use Corda’s smart contract capabilities to enable asset settlement and ledger consolidation in seconds instead of days.

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