Faster payments

Explore what’s possible with trustless delivery versus payment. 

Realize the benefits of faster payments

Settle payments
In near real time globally, with fewer errors, risks, and less reliance on costly third parties. 

House multiple payment types
A single modern, programmable payments platform where manual processes can be automated and orchestrated between parties.

Connect cash and payment rails
New forms of money such as CBDCs can be used to settle digital assets.

Discover innovations already underway that showcase real-world applications of faster payments

Next generation global financial infrastructure

OneHypernet connects the world’s foreign exchange markets – banks, corporates, and payment service providers on a unified ecosystem powered by enterprise blockchain technology. Their global payments network enables structurally cheaper and faster cross-border transactions.

Multilateral netting solution

Cross-border digital cash solution

Digital Cash eliminates the reliance on SWIFT and correspondent banks using cash tokens to move value between Wells Fargo entities cross-border. It results in settlement without third parties and a reduction in transfer time, costs and points-of-failure.

After successfully completing a pilot in 2020, Wells Fargo launched its internal Digital Cash solution in 2021. The solution allows Wells Fargo to complete internal book transfers of cross-border payments within its global network using tokenized cash, resulting in less transfer time, costs and points of failure.

Wells Fargo digital cash for global payment services

Atomic delivery versus delivery (DvD) of securities 

Today, a collateral swap can be settled using either two free-of-payment legs, which introduces credit risk, or two deliveries-versus-payment (DvP) legs, which uses balance sheet. HQLAx achieves settlement ownership transfer of securities on a delivery versus delivery basis (DvD) providing participants with capital cost savings by reducing credit risk, intraday liquidity requirements, and operational risk.

Customer success story
HQLAx improves collateral mobility among market-leading tri-party agents and custodians

Discover use cases involving CBDCs

CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies) and regulated coins can act as secure and reliable payment instruments, transforming the global economy.

Fnality and HQLAX demonstrate the first cross-chain repo swap pilot

Learn more about the world’s first cross-chain repo swap pilot demonstrated by HQLAX and Fnality, between R3’s Corda and Ethereum’s Hyperledger Besu.

Why capital markets leaders are turning to Corda for faster payments

With Corda, companies can custody and move digital currencies and assets directly between entities and across borders to meet their own capital and liquidity needs. Banks can also create new services to address potential revenue losses from traditional payment services.

Transact and move digital assets

Directly and seamlessly between entities and across borders with trust, resulting in faster settlement and fewer fees and risks.

Delivery versus Payment (DvP)

Allow financial institutions and investors to carry out simultaneous exchange and settlement of tokenized digital currencies and securities assets, reducing costs and risks.

Programmable money

Withdraw and re-issue tokens and digital money that can be programmed to behave in a certain way based on predetermined logic 

Connect with R3

No matter where you are on your digital asset journey, R3 can help you design, develop and deploy tokenization solutions that will provide immediate value to your customers.

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