Network of networks effect

Get ahead of innovation by building and participating in permissioned digital asset networks.

Build successful digital financial ecosystems

Due to the permissioned nature of enterprise blockchain platforms like Corda, the management and development of business networks are essential to their success. Whether you are a consortium, financial institution, or software vendor, R3 can guide you through the design and implementation of new business and technical models that will ensure that your digital asset project is a success.

Innovation in business networks

Atomic delivery versus delivery (DvD) of securities

HQLAx improves collateral mobility among market-leading tri-party agents and custodians, accelerating the financial ecosystem’s transition towards frictionless ownership transfers of assets, specifically securities lending and collateral management.

The atomic nature of HQLAx Delivery vs Delivery (DvD) ownership transfers provide participants with capital cost savings by reducing credit risk, intraday liquidity requirements, and operational risk.

HQLAx and Deutsche Börse take collateral management to the next level

Letters of Credit end–to–end processing

Contour delivers a decentralized, digital global network for trade finance, over a distributed ledger, which allows parties to transact and view information securely.

It has proven to reduce end–to–end processing time to Letters of Credit by 90% or more, simplifying the process for all participants and enabling new business opportunities for banks, corporates and trade ecosystem players.

Case study
Contour brings transparency, efficiency and security to documentary trade with its global network on DLT

Interbank reconciliation network

Powered by Corda and live, Spunta enables the Italian banking system to share common data in a secure way, performing checks and exchanges directly within the application and using standardized processes and communications for correcting issues.

Spunta lowers operational risk and creates faster and more transparent processes — with 600+ active daily users.

Spunta is a live inter-bank reconciliation application powering the Italian banking system including over 100 banks

Why capital market leaders are turning to R3 and Corda for business networks

As a permissioned and highly secure blockchain platform, Corda is ideal for financial markets.

Single identity with mutual memberships

Corda provides the ability to maintain identities across all Corda-based networks and ensures all CorDapp identities are tie to a legal entity reducing security risks.

Asset fluidity

With Corda, digital assets move freely across network boundaries using well-defined trusted exchange protocols that meet regulatory demands for privacy and security.


Corda can be integrated with existing payment rails to make it easier for Business Network Operators to transact with peers across other networks.

Network of networks effect

R3 is investing in interoperability to ensure Corda can act as a bridge to networks beyond the Corda ecosystem.

With our roots as a bank consortium, only R3 has the market access and deep industry know-how to accelerate the development of multi-party solutions that deliver digital trust across financial services.

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