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Capitalize on the digital economy by tokenizing financial assets, such as bonds, loans, and money markets, as well as assets like gold and real estate using DLT.

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Tap into the potential of digital assets—those issued natively on blockchain and traditional securities that are digitally represented—with the latest insights, best practices, and resources from R3.

The time for digital assets is now

$5 trillion in assets could be tokenized on blockchains in the next five years, according to a June 2023 report from Bernstein. Potential benefits include operational efficiencies as well as access to new asset classes.

Settle in real time
Access to new sources of liquidity
Utilize global markets 24/7
Better manage counterparty and credit risk
Programmable and immutable transactions
Diversify asset universe
Lower transaction and asset servicing costs
Peer-to-peer direct-value transfer

Financial services leaders are already capitalizing on the digital asset revolution

The Six Digital Exchange is live and powering ground-breaking firsts

The world’s first bond issuance using a pure digital part in a fully regulated environment

The first to deliver a single seamless workflow from execution to atomic settlement on ledger

24/7 operating hours with reduced settlement risk and cost from T+0 settlement

First wholesale CBDC to be used to settle digital security transactions on SDX

DTCC’s Project Ion Platform

The goal of Project Ion is to provide a resilient, secure and scalable alternative settlement service.

Represents one of the largest DLT initiatives in equities settlement.

Processing 100,000+ bilateral equity transactions per day, and almost 160,000 transactions on peak days.

DTCC partnered with R3 to develop and launch the platform leveraging Corda as the underlying infrastructure.

Platform for investing in and financing sustainable assets

Regulated and supervised by BaFin (Germany)

Any sustainable asset can be financed, tokenized and individually allocated

Fractionalization allows minimum investment of €‎500

Digital Central Securities Depository (CSD) Platform and Digital Financial Market Infrastructure (D-FMI)

1st live digital bond issuance on Euroclear’s D-FMI

Reduced settlement time to reduced counterparty, credit and default risk

Expand customer and asset bases over time

Impactful shift in how capital markets operate

Manage full end-to-end asset lifecycle from issuance to settlement

Supporting the issuance, distribution and primary market settlement of fully dematerialised international securities – Digital Native Notes (DNN), on DLT

Digital Vault and Tokenized Securities Custody Services

$20B valued assets during launch

Cutting down administration costs and delays from issuance to participation

Asset owners can check their records without the need to request the paper certificate

1st bank in the world to offer tokenized gold

Cross-border digital cash solution

Faster transfer and reduced liquidity risk

Irreversible, near real-time settlement and reconciliation

Expanded operating hours with 24×7 transactions

Corda is a native tokenization platform for blockchain-based tokens and assets that are digitally represented

Leverage the tokenization API
Define tokens according to business need
Issue and consume tokens
Split and merge tokens
Transfer tokens across parties
Blockchain-based tokens

Native blockchain-based token where the direct issuer is the entity that’s liable for the claim against the token.

Traditional securities digitally represented on blockchain

Bridge between real-world assets and their trading, storage, and transfer in a digital form.

Growing consensus from industry participants that securities tokenization is a game-changer

By enabling the digitalization of assets, tokenization expands the utility of blockchain beyond cryptocurrencies by demonstrating how it can securely represent and transfer real-world assets. Overall, tokenization is a compelling use case for blockchain technology, helping to increase its mainstream adoption.

Source: Gartner Blockchain Hype Cycle (2023)

Citi Global Perspectives and Solutions forecasted USD 4 to 5 trillion of outstanding tokenized securities by 2030, coming from debt instruments, fund products, securities financing, and collateral.

Source: Money, Tokens, and Games: Blockchain’s Next Billion Users and Trillion in Value (Citi Global Perspectives and Solutions, 2023)

HSBC estimated that digital assets would represent 5 to 10% of global assets by 2030.

Source: Beyond asset tokenization: the evolving role of asset servicing (HSBC, 2023)

Take advantage of the new era of digital finance

The old way

Asset lifecycle involves cumbersome contract management across multiple participants and systems

Manual trades take days to settle

Restrictions on asset fractionalization limit investor interest

Transactions involve a myriad of intermediaries making them slow, costly and bound by domestic borders

Multiple versions of the same transaction lead to costly and frequent reconciliation

The new way

Increased revenue through the identification of new asset classes and global markets

Borderless, fast and secure exchange of value between parties distributed across different jurisdictions

Faster, cheaper and more transparent international settlement

Increased transparency and liquidity through tokenization of traditional assets

Fractionalized assets eliminate barriers to entry for a larger market of investors

Immediate opportunities for financial services leaders

Regulated digital assets are built on trust

R3’s Corda is the first DLT platform built specifically for regulated markets. As a native tokenization platform, Corda enables solutions that modernize, and digitize financial assets and existing market infrastructure without compromising on privacy and regulatory oversight.

R3 is a leading provider of enterprise distributed technology and services that enable the secure exchange of value in regulated industries where trust is critical.

A scalable tokenization platform that has facilitated hundreds of blockchain networks across capital markets and banking.

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